So You’re About to Hire a New Employee: A blog outlining tips and situations that you should be aware of.

So you’re about to hire a new employee. Congratulations!

This is a big step for your company and one that can make or break your business. You’ve got to be prepared.
Here are three things you should know before you hire someone:
1) Are they a good fit for the position? Before you fill out any job applications or interview anyone, it’s important to think about what qualities are most important for the position. Are they skilled in writing? Do they have experience with customer service? Do they have experience with social media marketing? If there are skills that are necessary for the job, then make sure that when you’re interviewing candidates, you’re looking for those skills first and foremost. If someone has all of those skills and more, then they’ll be perfect! But if there aren’t specific skills required for the position, then don’t worry too much about whether or not someone has them—just focus on finding someone who is passionate and excited about working at your company.
2) Can they keep up with your pace? When hiring someone new into your company, make sure that their work ethic matches yours and that they can keep up with how fast things move at Lioavi! We’re

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“We are a small business, and we could not afford to hire a full-time payroll specialist. So we used Lioavi. It was perfect for us! We were able to run payroll for our employees and pay them accurately and on time!”
Gianna Johnson
Director @Neural

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